Lemonade 3D

It’s time to start with the information for this year’s Fantastikon.
Lemonade3d (Veljko and Milivoj Popović and team) present their new work – Planemo !
“Imagine a planet that has no star to orbit around, lost in the depths of interstellar space.
A world without parents.
A planet cast out of its own solar system in the chaos of planetary migration.Astronomi takve svjetove zovu PLANEMO.
Astronomers call such a planet PLANEMO. Teo was much like a Plameno. Forever changed after a meeting with a wood spirit that took a form of a stag, and which Teo crashed into on the cold autumn night. In that moment he was cast out society solar system that orbits around its everyday life.”

Guys, we wish you success  at the fastival in Annecyu!